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Alcohol Free Forever

This powerful guide walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to free yourself from your alcohol addiction without going through AA meetings or expensive sessions. There are three main types of relaxation techniques you can practice when you feel upset and stressed. If you practice regularly, they will become part of your lifestyle and you may find yourself habitually more relaxed as a result. Part 2 will exercise Neuro Linguistic Programming to release thoughts and a technique of progressive muscle relaxation also negative situations. Because of the mind body connection, exercises to relax the body will also flow through the mind. Much of the stress we feel is because of our resistance to certain feelings or emotions. Alcohol Free Forever is a lifesaver ebook. This guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails make it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. More here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this manual, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the fuss was about.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

How to Beat Addiction and Quit Alcoholism Easily

How to beat addiction and quit alcoholism is a collection of 6 eBooks that are all specifically crafted to help people leave addiction and alcoholism. These books were put down by a group of former alcoholics and addicts and hence you can trust them to help you along the way. The three authors that were involved are: Wendy Wilken, Martin Gouws and Stephen Steenkamp. They have all fought a war of alcoholism and addiction successfully and that's why they thought they should help you along the way. The books also come with various bonuses upon purchase. This means that if you purchase any of the books, you will get a special bonus. To successfully quit alcohol and beat addiction, you have to make use of all the books combined. Each of them introduces you to a certain perspective of addiction and alcoholism and hence all of them should be combined to come up with a significant outcome. The book is perfectly fit for alcoholics and drug addicts of all ages, race, social status and levels of addiction. More here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Wendy Wilken
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Quit Alcohol

How To Control Alcohol is a step-by-step course to help you to quit alcohol. Seb Grant (the author of this book) had gone back to alcohol over and over again after telling himself he would stop drinking. After these years of struggles, he is now enjoying a clean life with complete control. More happy, more confident, and feels great and new. He has dedicated his life to show people how to take control of their life. You may have heard that heavy alcoholics can actually die from attempting to quit, it may be true. It is common knowledge that as you drink alcohol (especially excessively), you get to lose your health, energy, friends, jobs and even yourself. Seb Grant offers a solution without declaring yourself a hopeless addict, without a lifetime struggle using limited willpower and the likes. It is not a religions or 12 steps or counseling. There is no need to give in to God or any higher power; it is a natural and easy way out of drinking problem. This is a digital product, and it would be sent to you as soon as you pay for it. More here...

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How To Give Up Alcohol

This new ebook is called How to Give Up Alcohol and it shows you how to control or even Quit drinking. and it gives you the action steps you can use right now. Now you can stop dealing with headaches, nausea and the painful embarrassment that comes from excessive drinking. Not only that, but you can also stop the potentially irreversible health damage to your liver and brain caused by heavy drinking. Best of all, you can do all of this in the privacy of your own home, without the need to go to AA or to spend thousands on counseling! In fact, you can learn this stuff in just one day. and it will help you improve your life almost immediately. Your relationships will improve, your health will improve, your career will improve, and your finances will improve because you're no longer spending so much money on booze. Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn. Discover the Most Critical thing you Have to do if you want to stop drinking and take control of your life. Ignore this one thing and you'll be a slave More here...

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Author: Rahul Nag
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Addiction Free Forever Program

By following this method your commitment and desire to be off of alcohol and drugs will finally be rewarded and will succeed! This program contains everything you need to start improving your life right away. This program could also be for someone who you care about who is having a problem with alcohol or drugs who you'd like to help. In this day and age it's not hard to get stuck in a life where alcohol and drugs are relied on to either cope or just to try to make life a better experience. There is peer pressure, job demands, confusion about romance and marriage, emotional pressures, stress, etc. But there is a better way to have a great life experience without resorting to the addicting, mind-harming and health-damaging effects of alcohol or drugs. But this culture makes it difficult to see and find that way. This program not only shows that way but has steps to help you transform your life into it. And there are no hangovers and comedowns! More here...

Addiction Free Forever Program Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Dennis Marcellino
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Ingestion of carbon tetrachloride treated with acetylcysteine

A 61 year old man was admitted to hospital three hours after ingestion of approximately 250 ml of carbon tetrachloride, which he had purchased from a high street pharmacy. The patient had a chronic psychiatric history and had previously taken several drug overdoses. He had been physically fit, did not drink alcohol, and five days previously had stopped his medication (diazepam and lofepramine). On admission he was alert and orientated and although he had not had nausea or vomiting, he had complained of severe diarrhoea for the previous hour. Physical examination was normal with no notable smell of solvent. Urine microscopy showed many granular casts. A plain abdominal radiograph showed radiopaque material consistent with carbon tetrachloride throughout the bowel. Initial biochemical, haematological and coagulation tests were normal except for an increased serum activity of alkaline phosphatase (noted previously and attributed to Paget's disease) and a slightly raised AST.

Acute accidental ingestion

A 19 year old male who had been drinking alcohol, accidentally ingested an unknown amount of chloroform. He collapsed and was taken to hospital. On admission he was found to be stuporous. He was transferred to an intensive therapy unit (ITU) and was by then unconscious with laboured breathing, cyanosis and reduced deep tendon reflexes. He was intubated and ventilated. Hypoxia could only be corrected with PEEP ventilation. LFTs were elevated but started to decrease after 4-6 days and were normal by eight weeks. The chloroform

Occurrence of inflammatory episodes

Endotoxin comprises proteins in association with lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a major constituent of the outer cell wall of Gram negative bacteria. Such bacteria normally inhabit the intestinal tract in numbers that exceed the number of eukaryotic cells in the human body. When these bacteria divide or are injured, large amounts of LPS are released in the intestinal lumen. Although it was once thought that the gastrointestinal (GI) mucosa was a perfect barrier to LPS, research over the last two decades has indicated that LPS can translocate from the GI lumen into the blood, and thereby the liver and perhaps other organs become exposed. The degree to which this happens in an unstressed GI tract remains a matter of debate some investigators have detected plasma levels of LPS in healthy, unstressed people, whereas others have not.2-4 Nevertheless, it is clear that numerous conditions can lead to an increase in plasma LPS concentration, probably as a result of enhanced GI translocation. These...

Chronic occupational exposure

Found to be grossly disorientated and lapsing in and out of sleep. He responded appropriately to commands and examination was otherwise normal. His haemoglobin and platelet count were low. A white cell count was also low at 2,600 with 27 mature neutrophils, 1 metamyelocytes, 68 lymphocytes, 1 monocytes and 2 eosinophils. Bone marrow aspiration revealed marrow depression with some signs of recovery. The initial diagnosis was encephalopathy due to alcoholism (he was a moderate to heavy drinker) or industrial toxic exposure. He was managed with vitamins and mineral supplements and made a slow recovery over the following weeks.

Toxic reaction to white spirit fumes

A 60 year old man was admitted to hospital confused and pyrexial. Thirty hours prior to admission he had spent approximately one hour painting large surfaces with a polyurethane paint in a small non-ventilated room. Prior to this he had been well, with no history of recent drug or alcohol consumption, nor any other chemical exposure. He drank 30 units of alcohol weekly. Immediately after painting he appeared pale and unwell and complained of malaise and anorexia. He went to bed but spent a very restless night and was noted

Human Exposure

Personal behavior and practices also add a further level of complexity to the estimation of individual total exposure for humans. Many publications pointed out harmful effects of high-dose alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs, or the use of mercurials in religious practices, just to name a few. All these chemicals contribute to overall exposures and may affect the toxicity of other chemicals entering the human body (Calabrese 1991). Such personal exposure patterns can also be overlaid on top of more regionally based environmental exposure resulting from diffuse environmental pollution. In this section, first, different pathways of human exposure are considered as well as life-stage-related exposures. Second, the use of monitoring data to assess mixture exposure is discussed.

Chronic exposure

The effects of chronic ingestion of ethanol are widely known and well documented. Alcohol abuse may reslt in physical dependence, malnutrition, neurological effects including amnesia and dementia, cardiac myopathy, hepatoxicity, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal bleeding and oesophageal varices. Chronic ethanol ingestion is not an occupational route of exposure. For more information see Charness et al. (1989) Regan (1990) Weatherall et al. (1996) and Ashworth and Gerada (1997).

Case Reports

A 23 year old female laboratory technician was employed as an atomic spectrophotometer operator. She was normally fit and well, did not smoke, drink alcohol or use caffeine, although she was taking prenatal vitamins daily including 4000 IU of vitamin A (UK adult recommended daily amount 2500 IU). Working without personal protective equipment, she was exposed daily to NMP and small quantities of methanol and or acetone. Ultrasound examination revealed a healthy fetus at 14 weeks gestation. After raising concerns with an occupational medicine consultant about an NMP material safety data sheet listing reports of fetotoxicity and teratogenicity in rats, she was given a respirator and protective clothing including latex gloves, a lab coat and goggles. The latex gloves dissolved and extensive dermal exposure to the hands occurred at 16 weeks gestation, when she cleaned up a spillage of NMP. Over the following four days she experienced malaise, headache, nausea and vomiting. Staining of the...

Health Effects

A number of psychological and social health effects were mentioned by members of the public, including domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and stress. A few comments also mentioned that fear and mass hysteria could result from mixed messages to the public. One comment noted that stable income is important for maintaining the well-being of families and children. Food insecurity was also mentioned.


Noninfectious or noncommunicable disease The chronic, degenerative, and insidious disease that usually develops over an extended period and whose cause may not be entirely clear. In its broad sense, cancer, alcoholism, mental illnesses, tooth decay, ulcers, and lead poisoning are regarded as noncommunicable or noninfectious diseases. Also included are cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, arthritis, nutritional deficiency diseases, malignant neoplasms, kidney diseases, injuries, and illnesses associated with toxic organic and inorganic chemicals and physical agents in air, water, and food. For the purposes of this text, discussion of noninfec-tious diseases emphasizes the environmental media or factors serving as the vehicle for transmission of the disease. The usual environmental media are air, food, water, and land (soil, flora, fauna) other factors leading to injuries and contact may also be involved.

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