GMF Regulation

The main concepts of the European directive (2001/18) on the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms into the environment are:

(i) Diversity of the evaluation criteria

(ii) Assessment of possible cumulative effect

(iii) Bio-security monitoring plan

(iv) Traceability

(v) Assessment of the benefits and

(vi) Public consultation

This can hardly be adapted to GMF, not only because none of the new requests can be immediately fulfilled, but also because only confinement is considered and not fortuitous presence. Neither the market chain nor the European network of GMO laboratories is ready to apply regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 for GMO food and feed authorization and traceability. The regulation gap for ornamental fish is even more obvious. The European Council is currently discussing a regula tion (SEC2006/421) concerning the use of alien species in aquaculture, which considers only the environmental risk and excludes the case of GMF. Considering the risk of negative perceptions of GMF by consumers, the complexity, opacity, and international dimension of the market, international trade conflicts can be easily foreseen. We propose developing a method to draw up regulation drafts in connection with public and private stakeholders. It includes the following steps:

(i) Identification of the main principles driving the norms concerning GMO.

(ii) Sustaining the production of regulations by the European Commission, and

(iii) Integration of the overall results of DOG.M.ATIS to demonstrate the dynamic interaction between public and private bodies. In addition, we will propose means and ways to ensure GMF traceability

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