Critical Factors in the Successful Commercialization of Microbial Pest Control Products

Abstract Commercialization is the final and most difficult step in the development and the introduction to the market of a microbial pest control product. The critical factors that determine success or failure are identified for a company as well as for a product, and recommendations are provided that will facilitate success. The history of the biopesticide industry will be highlighted. Currently available products will be presented, as well as the biopesticide markets in Europe and the Netherlands. The main crops in which biopesticides are used are presented as well as the most successful products. Profitability of products in relation to their market size will be analyzed. Critical success and failure factors for a biopesticide company and for a microbial pest control product are analyzed, and recommendations will be provided on essential factors that need to be considered. Tools will be provided to facilitate decision-making in the commercialization process. Company profiles will be reviewed, and a business model will be identified that currently performs best. Total developmental costs and time to market are essential for a company's success. Costs amount to €10-15 million for a company that still needs to be built; in an existing company, costs reach C5-10 million. Time to market including registration is 5-7 years. The distribution and sale strategy is reviewed, and various salient options are discussed. Crucial factors for a successful commercialization will be identified, and recommendations will be provided that will increase the chances to develop a successful biopesticide and to become a profitable and sustainable biopesticide company.

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Better Business Planning

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