Critical Success and Failure Factors for a Microbial Pesticide

Successful commercialization of a biopesticide poses a great number of challenges for a company of which many are described in this book. Success cannot be described as just one factor, but as an overall outcome of a number of attributes of a product, and the role it plays in the crop protection market. The decisive criteria are first, customer satisfaction based on the balance between reliable and consistent efficacy of the product in relation to the costs and ease of use, and second, profitability for the manufacturer. When these two conditions give rise to a sustainable business, I consider that a success from a manufacturer's point of view. Above I have presented success and failure factors for a company. I will present these factors separately for a product. Which factors determine success and failure of a product? Can we learn from the past and can we identify factors that are determinative in the path to a successful product?

Better Business Planning

Better Business Planning

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