Microbial Pesticide Market in the Netherlands

Nefyto, the association of agrochemical companies in the Netherlands, provides figures on the use of crop protection products in terms of kg active ingredient. In 2007, biological insecticides (in kg a.i.) were reported to be < 0.7% (biofungicide use is negligible) of the total use of insecticides/acaracides (Nefyto 2008). If microbial pesticide sales from non-members were included, the total might be between 1 and 2%. Annual sales of pesticides account for approximately C330 million, biological pesticides only comprise C5-6 million (at end-user level). The Netherlands is probably number four or five in the European biopesticide market. The use of Bt has decreased tremendously the last few years due to new chemicals against caterpillars (J. de Hoog, personal communication). Table 7.5 provides sales estimates per pathogen group.

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