The European Microbial Pesticide Market

In Europe, sales of biopesticides including beneficials, microbial pesticides and pheromone products were $97 million in 2000 - about 2% of the total European pesticide market. Sales of microbials were $25 million. In the category of microbials "soft" pesticides were also included such as fatty acids (Frost and Sullivan 2001). The authors expected annual growth of 11.7% leading to about $210 million in 2007 for all biopesticides in Europe. Guillon (2004) reported that in Europe in 2004 the market for biopesticides (bacteria, fungi and viruses) amounted to $31 million. According to Thakore (2006), the European market is estimated to represent $135 million in 2005; this market is expected to grow the fastest to $270 million by 2010. This figure is most likely based on a broad definition of biopesticides.

Lisansky (CPL 2006a) reported that in Europe annual sales of microbial- and nematode-based pesticides were estimated to be around $43 million at user-level in 2005. The share of Bt-based products has declined from an estimated 90% in 2000 to 72.4% in 2005. The fastest growing products have been nematodes and baculoviruses; where sales of both may have doubled since 2000 to reach $6 million and $5.45 million respectively. By comparison, the North American market for microbial- and nematode-based biopesticides is estimated to be worth US$110 million at user-level in 2004, with a Bt share of 67%. The total pesticide market in Europe was $12.8 billion in 2008 as a reference (CPM 2009a). Thus the microbial pesticide market is approximately 0.5%. The largest individual European biopesticide market is Spain, followed by France and Italy. Although overall growth in the biopesticide market has not met expectations of the past, Lisansky (CPL 2006a) expected the potential to remain high and that the total market could rise to $200 million by 2015. Table 7.4 provided the most recent estimates for the European market. In the project ENDURE (the European Network for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies, a network of excellence funded by the EU) IBMA made an estimate of the biopesticide market in Europe through a farmers survey, figures are presented in Table 7.4 (B. Blum, personal communication).

Literature provides little data on the total nematode market. From the report of Frost and Sullivan (2001) a $7 million market in 2000 for Europe can be deducted. CPL (2006a) reported a worldwide market of $14.65 million for 2005: $8.25 million for the USA and $6 million for Europe, while almost none for the rest of the world.

Table 7.4 Estimated sales per annum of microbial and nematode-based pesticides in Europe
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