The Way Forward

Increased legislation on the use of pesticides combined with reduced availability of synthetic pesticides, demands for sustainable agriculture and low-residues have become reality and offer great opportunities for, amongst others, biopesticides. The societal need for biological products is, however, something very different from actual customer demand. The putative desire from society for sustainable products still leaves the important task to manufacturers to decide which product they will develop. Political and societal trends can be strong promotional factors, but they should not be determinative. Specific market driven demand must remain the target for a company.

"Biopesticides: the next revolution?" was the title of an article by Lisansky (1989). This revolution never occurred, and I do not think that we will see a spectacular growth soon. Biopesticides will, however, become a substantial part of the use of all crop protection products, and come closer to meeting their potential. I predict a steady and continued growth for the next decades. I am convinced that the biological products developed today will form a substantial part of the crop protection means of the future. Biopesticide companies need to grasp this chance and remain committed to the development of high quality cost-effective products. I am confident that the systematic roadmap with a strong focus on economics and market introduction proposed in this study will assist developers of biopesticides in accomplishing their goals.

Better Business Planning

Better Business Planning

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