Association of Chemistry and the Environment

We founded the Association of Chemistry and the Environment in 2000 with a group of environmental scientists ( A "chemistry flower" logo was designed to symbolise positive benefits of chemistry for Nature (Fig. 1). The association was launched by the organisation of the two first European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry by Eric Lichtfouse, Brigitte Elbisser and co-workers in 2000 in Nancy, France, and in 2001 in Dijon, France. Meetings were immediately a success, with more than 300 attendants, due to several factors such as hard work from the organising team, willingness to create a new science community in a highly conservative science system, and gathering in a friendly location scientists from various isolated disciplines such as soil science, toxicology and chemistry. The first presidents of the association were Eric Lichtfouse (2000-2004) and Jan Schwarzbauer (2005-2009). Noteworthy, well established associations, in particular the Division of Environmental Chemistry and the Division of Geochemistry of the American Chemical Society (ACS), supported us, in particular by organising joint symposia sponsored by the petroleum research fund. We therefore thank very much the American Chemical Society.

Fig. 1 The "chemistry flower" was designed by Eric Lichtfouse and Guillaume Decaux to symbolise positive benefits of chemistry for Nature. Guillaume Decaux is a professional drawer living in Strasbourg, France (http://

Fig. 2 The impact factor of the journal Environmental Chemistry Letters (ECL) increased from 0.814 in 2006 to 2.109 in 2009. Article pdf downloads reached 36,549 in 2009 (100 per day)

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