Biodegradation of Azo Dyes by Combined Anaerobic Aerobic Bioreactor

The combined anaerobic and aerobic degradation has been studied for the conversion of azo dyes by numerous researchers (Supaka et al. 2004; Ong et al. 2005; O'Neill et al. 2000b; Rajaguru et al. 2000). However, in most cases clear evidence for a complete biodegradation was not found, mainly due to a lack of proof for mineralization of the aromatic amines. In most experiments only the decolorization and organic load were measured while additional examinations, like the mineralization of the aromatic amines, were omitted. Only few references are available in which there exists real proof of mineralization of an azo dye by a bacterial co-culture under sequential anaerobic/aerobic batch conditions (Albuquerque et al. 2005). An overview of the research papers reviewed is presented in Table 6.2; A distinction was made between the different approaches used to obtain a combined anaerobic-aerobic reactor system.

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