Phyto Covers

Vegetative covers constructed for surface soil remediation can be designed using plant seed mixes in order to maximize rain interception and transpiration capacities. Established canopies over remediated areas reduce infiltration from precipitation and limit percolation into the deep subsurface. Constructed wetlands can be used as a kind of phyto-cover. In this technique, phytoaccumulation, phytostabilisation and phytovolatilization are present. (ITRC 2009; Suthersan 2002). Experiments carried out in the United Kingdom on brownfield land contaminated by trace metals and arsenic indicated that woody biomass may provide an effective form of phytostabili-sation (Frence et al. 2006). Riparian buffers used as hydraulic barriers in combination with phytocover can be used as a filter for agriculture runoff and aquatic protection.

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