Isopropanol is rapidly absorbed by the oral route with signs and symptoms occurring within 30 minutes of ingestion (Lacouture et al., 1983; Pappas et al., 1991). In some cases absorption time is delayed especially following ingestion of a large quantity of isopropanol. In a study using dogs as a model, isopropanol was detected in the blood at a concentration of 919 mg/l, 15 minutes post dose (60 ml of a 70% solution via a nasogastric tube). Maximum blood concentrations were reported at 2-3 hours post dose (Jerrard, et al., 1992).

Isopropanol is rapidly absorbed by inhalation. A neonate inadvertently administered 70% isopropanol via a ventilator had a peak blood isopropanol concentration of 1,860 mg/l at one hour post exposure (Vicas and Berk, 1993).

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