Acute isopropanol ingestion treated with haemodialysis

A 28 year old man was admitted to hospital 45 minutes after ingestion of approximately 1,000 ml of rubbing alcohol over a 10 minute period. The patient was hypotensive, with a rectal temperature of 36.1 oC. His respirations were 14 per minute and shallow. He was comatose and unresponsive to any stimuli, with absent corneal and deep tendon reflexes. Pupils were dilated. He was given IV fluids and the urine was positive for acetone. He underwent haemodialysis approximately 5 hours post ingestion. At this time the isopropanol concentration was 4,400 mg/l (acetone 400 mg/l). After 2 hours of dialysis he was agitated with a normal blood pressure. After a further 3 hours of dialysis he was calmer and responded to simple commands. The isopropanol concentration was 1,000 mg/l (acetone 100 mg/l) and dialysis was stopped at this point. He made an uneventful recovery (King et al., 1970).

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