Urinary concentrations of the metabolite 2,5-hexanedione are used for biological monitoring of n-hexane exposure (see Chapter 12), but the ACGIH has not established a biological exposure index for methyl n-butyl ketone (ACGIH, 2000). It is not known whether exposure to 1-5 ppm of methyl n-butyl ketone in humans will result in a detectable concentration of methyl n-butyl ketone or one of its metabolites in blood or urine (Bos et al., 1991). Exposure of human volunteers to methyl n-butyl ketone at a level of 100 ppm for 4 hours did not result in detectable concentrations of urinary metabolites, including 2,5-hexanedione (DiVincenzo et al., 1978). Consequently, environmental rather than biological monitoring is used for estimating exposure to methyl n-butyl ketone (Bos et al., 1991).

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