Chronic exposure


There is no information on the effects of chronic exposure to ethyl sec-amyl ketone in humans. Rats given 82, 410 or 820 mg/kg orally 5 days/week for 13 weeks developed depressed activity and reduced weight gain in the latter two groups. Those receiving 820 mg/kg developed reduced hind limb grip strength. There was histological evidence of a y-diketone neuropathy in the sciatic and tibial nerves at the highest doses, but the effect at 410 mg/kg was minimal (see Hexane, Chapter 12, for more information on y-diketone neuropathy). There were no behavioural or neurotoxic effects at the lowest dose (Salocks et al., 1990). There are no reports of neurotoxicity in humans.


Chronic exposure to ethyl sec-amyl ketone on the skin may cause drying and cracking (Hathaway et al., 1996). Dermatitis may occur due to its defatting action (unpublished data, Shell Chemical Company).

No information available. Ingestion

No information available.

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