Chronic exposure


There are no reports on the effects of chronic exposure to isopropanol. Dermal

Repeated skin contact with isopropanol can cause defatting dermatitis with drying and cracking. Rare cases of allergic contact dermatitis have been reported (Bevan, 2001).

No information available. Ingestion

Not applicable in the occupational setting.

Other effects Immunotoxicity

In vitro studies involving concanavalin A-stimulated murine spleen cells, found that isopropanol and acetone enhanced the incorporation of labelled thymidine into the cells. Isopropanol also inhibited the killing of YAC-1 tumour by natural killer effector cells from mouse or rat spleens. A suggested explanation of these effects was multi-factorial, possibly involving the inhibition of the synthesis and/or the secretion and/or function of at least one monocyte-derived substance that inhibited cell proliferation (reviewed by IPCS, 1990).

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