The distribution of glycol ethers has not been well studied in humans (Browning and Curry, 1994). The volume of distribution of EGBE was 0.7 l/kg in individuals exposed to 20 ppm for 2 hours (Johanson et al., 1986).

Distribution has been measured in animals given radiolabelled EGME and PGME. At 48 hours after ingestion of EGME the blood had the greatest quantity per gram of tissue. There was less in the target organs of toxicity (the testes, thymus and spleen). In the case of PGME the liver had the greatest quantity per gram of tissue, however rats exposed to PGME had increased liver weight so the significance of a high concentration of radioactivity in the liver is unknown (Miller et al, 1983; Miller et al, 1984b). Following ingestion of PGMEA the liver had the highest dose per gram of tissue at 48 hours (Miller et al, 1984a).

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