A study following the elimination of radiolabelled methyl n-butyl ketone in two volunteers, found that the respiratory excretion of 14CO2 peaked four hours after oral dosing (0.1 mg/kg body weight). This then decreased slowly over the following 3 to 5 days. The majority of radioactivity in the urine was excreted within 48 hours and the remainder eliminated within 8 days. The respiratory elimination averaged 39.5% and the urine 26.3% of the dose. The overall recovery of 14C was 65.8% in 8 days. The remainder of the compound was presumed to be involved in further metabolism or stored in fat (DiVincenzo et al., 1978). These figures differ for rats, where 92% of the radioactivity was excreted within six days (DiVincenzo et al., 1977).

The slow elimination of radioactivity after human exposure to radiolabelled methyl n-butyl ketone suggests that accumulation of the neurotoxic metabolite in the body may occur, even with low exposure (Topping et al., 1994).

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