Sixteen halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbons were assayed for genotoxicity using the Ara mutagenicity assay with Salmonella typhimurium (Roldan-Arjona et al., 1991). The authors concluded that 1,1,1-TCE was non-mutagenic after being assayed both in the presence and absence of metabolic activation with a rat liver microsomal fraction (S9).

In their review of the toxicity of 1,1,1-TCE, Fielder et al. (1984) conclude that although extensively investigated, there is no evidence from the available data to indicate that the compound is mutagenic. However, they highlight the fact that studies have mainly been on bacterial systems, and that data for mammalian cells is limited, with no published data on point mutations in mammalian cells. Hence, although claiming there is no evidence for mutagenicity of 1,1,1-TCE, they expressed the reservation that when the limitations of the data are considered, no definite conclusions may be drawn.

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