Studies investigating the genotoxicity of isopropanol have produced conflicting results. Examination of the bone marrow cells of rats exposed to varying concentrations of isopropanol vapours (1.03 to 10.2 mg/m3 for 4 hours/day) for four months found that there were statistically significant increases in the percentage of mitotic aberrations. An increase in mitotic aberrations was also found in onion root tip cells exposed to isopropanol. Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts did not show an increase in sister chromatid exchange frequencies in vitro, when treated with isopropanol (range 3.3 to 100 mmol/l). Reverse mutation spot tests, with and without metabolic activation by S9 rat liver, were negative for various Salmonella typhimurium strains exposed to 0.18 mg isopropanol per plate (reviewed in IPCS, 1990).

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Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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