Ocular effects acetone 19 benzene 38

carbon disulphide 57, 59, 67 carbon tetrachloride 84 colour vision loss 292 diacetone alcohol 109 hexane 186

methanol 104, 203, 204, 208 tetrachloroethylene 292 toluene 314 trichloroethylene 347 Odour threshold 3 Oligospermia glycol ethers and esters 170 Optic neuritis benzene 38

tetrachloroethylene 292 Ototoxicity carbon disulphide 67 chloroform 98 tetrachloroethylene 288 toluene 311, 312 trichloroethylene 347 Oxalate crystals glycol ethers and esters 162, 167 Oxalylaminoethanol 284 Oxygen see also Hyperbaric oxygen methylene chloride 228

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