Reproductive toxicity

There are no reports of studies on the reproductive and developmental effects of methanol in humans (IPCS, 1997).

Burbacher et al. (1999) studied the long-term effects of exposure to methanol vapours on the metabolism and reproduction of female adult monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) and the developmental effects on their offspring. They found that exposure to methanol vapours (200-1,800 ppm) did not affect the health of the adult monkeys prior to or during pregnancy. There was no effect on the menstrual cycle, conception rate and live birth delivery rate. All methanol exposed animals had a decrease in duration of pregnancy of about 6-8 days. Prenatal exposure to methanol had no effect on infant growth and physical development, however two female offspring, exposed in utero to 1,800 ppm methanol, developed a wasting syndrome (growth retardation, malnutrition, and gastroenteritis) at one year of age.

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