Reproductive toxicity

There is no information on the reproductive toxicity of MIBK in humans, but it is not considered to pose a reproductive risk (ECETOC, 1987). A study in rats and mice found no evidence of embryo or fetal toxicity at concentrations of 300 or 1,000 ppm. Maternal and fetotoxicity was seen in both species at 3,000 ppm (Tyl et al., 1987). This suggests that MIBK is unlikely to cause teratogenicity or embryotoxicity in animals at exposure levels which are not maternally toxic (ECETOC, 1987).

MIBK crosses the placenta and is present in cord blood in concentrations similar to that of maternal blood (Dowty et al., 1976).

Toxicology of Solvents RISK GROUPS

None identified.

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