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Environmental agents and cataracts

Cataract prevalence increases with increasing age and with increased exposure to sunlight. However, there is strong evidence that environmental agents especially those that increase ROS, such as UV radiation or 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT), enhance cataract formation.41 A mechanistic study by Kumagai et al.41 showed that cataract formation increases in workers exposed

Effect of Eyeglasses and Sunglasses on Light Spectra

The use of eyeglasses might be necessary for normal eye vision. However, sunglasses are not essential for normal eye vision. Sunglasses are coated with paints, other than white, to lower the light intensity and brightness perceived by the eye while driving, for instance. Figures 6.25 to 6.32 exhibit the spectra for the various sources of light investigated in this study comprised of the candle, incandescent white and red lamps, and fluorescent lamp. A lens was used to simulate the effect of medical eyeglasses. These figures show that the lens reproduced the same form of spectrum covering the same colors because it is not coated and, therefore, transparent.

Can an Energy Source Be Isolated from Matter

Chapter 5 characterizes lights from various sources and based on their sources. It shows that with such scientific characterization it becomes evident why sunlight is the essence of life and artificial light (dubbed as white light) is the essence of death. The problems associated with artificial lights, ranging from depression and breast cancer to myopia (Chhetri and Islam 2008), are explained in terms of the characterization done in this chapter. It is shown that a natural light source is a necessary condition of sustainability. However, it is not sufficient as the process of converting the energy source into light must not be unsustainable.

Skin Damage from Sunlight

The ultraviolet light in sunlight can injure the skin and cause skin cancer (melanoma), depending on the exposure. Melanoma appears as a pigmented mole or tumor that may or may not be malignant. Melanomas are almost always curable if detected early and can be usually removed by surgery or freezing with liquid nitrogen. Cataracts can also result from too much sun.

Pathways of Amines and Their Toxicity

Diuresis, salivation, and pupillary dilation (Beard and Noe 1981). Diethanolamine causes mild skin irritation to the rabbit at concentrations above 5 and severe ocular irritation at concentrations above 50 (Beyer et al. 1983). Diethanolamine is a respiratory irritant and, thus, might exacerbate asthma, which has a more severe impact on children than on adults (Chronic Toxicity Summary 2001). The summary reports showed that diethanolamine is corrosive to eyes, mucous membranes, and skin. Also, liquid splashed in the eye causes intense pain and corneal damage, and permanent visual impairment may occur. Prolonged or repeated exposure to vapors at concentrations slightly below the irritant level often results in corneal edema, foggy vision, and the appearance of halos around skin that contacts liquid diethylamine causes blistering and necrosis. Exposure to high vapor concentrations may cause severe coughing, chest pain, and pulmonary edema. Ingestion of diethylamine causes severe...

Experimental Procedure

Caution All the preparations described below must be performed under a fume hood, since inhalation of CIO2 may cause respiratory irritation, pulmonary edema and even death. Do not wear contact lenses during its preparation or use. Whenever production of C102 is to be stopped (for example, in a chemical spill) make the solution alkaline so as to convert it to CIO4 and CI02, thus avoiding further gas release. In case

GAP junctional communication where the toxic rubber hits the road to diseases

Icals, known to be reproductive-, immuno- and or neurotoxicants were shown to modulate GJIC reversibly, additional evidence linked GJIC to other disease states. More recently, inherited mutated connexin genes in human beings were linked to the Charcot-Marie Tooth syndrome,20 heart malformations,21 nonsyndromic deafness,22 cataracts,23 and mucoepithelial dysplasia.24 In addition, knock-out connexin mice have been associated with a wide variety of disease states, including fetal death, neonatal death, female reproductive disorder,14 Charcot-Marie Tooth syndrome, and liver cancer predis-position.25 These later knockouts clearly point out that many reductionalistic predictions, based only on molecular understanding but discounting other higher order functions, such as compensatory genes and functions in mul-ticellular organisms, could not account for all the resulting phenotypes.

When did Carbon Become the Enemy

Consider DNA tests the measure of identity), and that doesn't make them non-unique. Two molecules of water may appear to be identical to us, but that's because we wrongly assumed molecules are made of spherical, rigid, non-breakable, particles, called atoms. In addition, the aphenomenal features inherent to atom (e.g., rigid, cylindrical, uniform, symmetric, etc.) and the presumed fundamental unit of mass became the norm of all subsequent atomic theories. Not only that, even light and energy units became associated with such aphenomenal features and were the predominant concepts used in electromagnetic theory as well as in the theory of light (Zatzman et al. 2008a, 2008b). The false notion of atoms as fundamental building blocks is at the core of modern atomic theory and is responsible for much of the confusion regarding many issues, including blaming carbon for global warming, blaming natural fat for obesity, sunlight for cancer, and numerous others. Changing the fundamental building...

Effect Of Radiation On Humans

Radiation effects on humans are classified as somatic or genetic. Somatic effects are those that cause damage to the individual and include anemia, fatigue, loss of hair, cataracts, skin rash, and cancer. Genetic effects include inheritable changes ) resulting from mutations in reproductive cells. It is widely held that even small dosages of radiation can have some adverse effects, genetic effects being of most concern. Humans are exposed to varying levels of natural radiation, especially from extraterrestrial sources. It is generally felt that radiation created through human activities should be kept well within the bounds of the natural background radiation. What should be the upper acceptable levels within these bounds is a subject of much debate. J

Toxic Explosives

Immense industrial and military activities are the main causes of substantial contamination of the environment with toxic explosives. Worldwide, a number of explosive-manufacturing, testing and storage facilities and military bases are contaminated with these chemicals. In addition, inappropriate disposal of explosive wastes and old and non-functioning weapons also contribute considerably towards environmental pollution (Pennington and Brannon 2002). The most common examples of explosives at hazardous waste sites are nitroglycerine (NG), 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT), hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (Royal Demolition Explosive - RDX) and octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7- tetrazine (Rosenblatt 1980 Best et al. 1999). Among these, the most toxic materials used in military activities include TNT and RDX (Jenkins et al. 2006). Despite the threat of explosion upon exposure to large quantities of these explosives, exposure to these explosives such as TNT can cause severe health...


The fungus is favoured by the lower temperatures and shorter hours of daylight occurring in the more temperate rice-growing areas. Citreoviridin has been found in un-harvested corn in the United States. Citreoviridin is an unusual molecule consisting of a lactone ring conjugated to a furan ring, with a molecular weight of 402. Citreoviridin and aflatoxin have been found to occur simultaneously in maize, which indicates their possible interaction in producing animal disease 37 . Citreoviridin causes paralysis, dyspnea, cardiovascular disturbances and loss of eyesight in experimental animals 38 . Citreoviridin is structurally closely related to aurovertin B and to asteltoxin 39 .

Chronic exposure

In most cases of chronic poisoning clinical effects resolve gradually once exposure has ceased. There is no withdrawal syndrome (Hormes et al., 1986). A chronic toluene abuser with progressive cerebellar dysfunction and visual deterioration (reduced acuity and defective colour vision) did not improve with 5 months of abstinence, but showed dramatic improvement after amantadine administration for 3 months. When amantadine was stopped his condition deteriorated. After two years of therapy he showed great improvement and had only mild dysarthria, visual acuity (6 12) and mildly impaired colour vision (Deleu and Hanssens, 2000).

Chapter thirty

GJIC has been linked to the control of cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and adaptive responses of differentiated cells. Experimental in vitro evidence, using a variety GJIC assays, has predicted the toxicities of many of these nongenotoxicants. Recent knock-out mice for several gap junction genes have demonstrated the critical role of GJIC in many of these disease states. Five human syndromes with inherited mutated gap junction genes for cardiovascular, deafness, cataract, neurological and epithelial tissue disorders have been identified. Recently, a method to measure GJIC in vivo has been developed and has been shown to link PCP's tumor promoting ability in rat liver to its ability to inhibit GJIC in rat liver in vivo. These assays to measure GJIC can be used to do the following

And Amendments

While ozone is considered a pollutant at ground level, its concentration in the stratosphere is essential for life on Earth, because it absorbs (blocks) the entry of harmful high-energy radiation (ultraviolet radiation). Certain pollutants have been shown to destroy this essential stratospheric ozone, and the 1990 Clean Air Act set a schedule for ending the production and use of these chemicals. This schedule is shown in Table 11.4. To give one example of ozone-destroying chemicals, chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs), common propellants in aerosol cans in the twentieth century, are not readily degraded and thus are able to migrate upward in the atmosphere. Once in the stratosphere, they destroy ozone through a series of complex reactions. The removal of ozone allows more harmful radiation to enter the lower atmosphere, potentially increasing the incidence of skin cancer and cataracts and harming the basis of our food chain (photosynthesis-based organisms).

Systemic Effects

Eye irritation was one of the major symptoms reported by workers and cleanup crew members exposed to HCCPD at a waste water treatment plant (Kominsky et al. 1980 Morse et al. 1979). From the 145 individuals who responded to a questionnaire immediately after the exposure incident, 59 complained of eye problems in a follow-up questionnaire 6 weeks later, 9 of 177 respondents were still experiencing ocular irritation. Eye irritation occurred with exposure concentration as low as 0.009 ppm (Kominsky et al. 1980). These effects were more likely a consequence of the direct action of the HCCPD vapor on the mucus membranes than systemic effects due to exposure through the lungs.