Presentations to the Committee

Meeting One—Washington, D.C.

Ray Brady, Bureau of Land Management, Overview of the requirements of Section 1811 of the Energy Policy Act and the statement of work with some highlights ofthe key points for the study

James Burd, Bureau of Land Management, Background on CBM development and an overview of existing studies Carey Johnston, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Update on EPA's Clean Water Act review of the coalbed methane industrial sector

Meeting Two—Denver, Colorado

Ralf Topper, Colorado Geological Survey, CBM produced water—A waste or resource? Kevin Rein, Colorado Division of Water Resources, Overview: Water rights and administration of produced water in Colorado Dave Stewart, Stewart Environmental Consultants, Inc., Practical considerations for beneficial use of produced water Curtis Brown, Bureau of Reclamation, Produced waters: Intersection with Bureau of Reclamation programs

John Boysen, BC Technologies, Emerging technologies for CBM produced water treatment and disposal

Don Fischer, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Summary of coalbed natural gas management facilities John Wheaton, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Lessons learnedfrom a regional groundwater monitoring program, Powder River Basin, Montana Helen Dawson, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Analysis of CBM produced water discharge on surface water quality in the Powder River Basin through water year 2005 Public comments

Meeting Three—Santa Fe, NM

Mark Fesmire, New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission, History and overview of coal bed methane production and CBM produced water in New Mexico David Mankiewicz, Bureau of Land Management, Farmington, Coalbed methanepro-

duced water in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico Carol Frost, University of Wyoming, Assessing the impact of CBM produced water on shallow aquifers and surface water: An environmental isotope approach James Keener, Red Willow Production Company, Red Willow Production Company's management of produced water from CBM, "On Reservation" David Brown, BP America, Oil and gas exploration and production perspective: Management of produced water in the San Juan Basin of Colorado

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