Additional Related Projects

• Study the photolysis kinetics in this experiment by taking the absorbance of the complex obtained as a function of time.

• Analyze the effect of pH in the present experiment by using different values.

• Design an experiment to demonstrate the production of CO2 during the photolysis of the FeEDTA used in this experiment. (See Lockhart and Blakeley, 1975).

• Design and perform experiments with other ligands (e.g., citrate, oxalate, some non-carboxylated organics, etc.) and other iron (II/III) indicators (e.g., o-phenanthroline, K4[Fe(CN)6], SCN-).

• Try to photolyze a Mn(II)EDTA or Co(III)EDTA complex in the same manner as it is done with Fe(II)EDTA in the present experiment. Perform qualitative tests for the presence of the metal ions after photolysis.

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