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• Replace the \2ll~ oxidizing system with Fe3+/ Fe2+.

• Perform the reactive absorption of SO2 by bubbling it through a solution containing dissolved Fe3+. The H2SO4 thus produced can be analyzed (e.g., quantitatively by titrimetry, qualitatively by any standard test for sulfates). (See Rajeshwar, 1997).

• Absorb SO2 in an electrochemical cell containing solid Cu particles in a conductive solution. Dioxygen dissolved in the aqueous phase can oxidize SO2 to H2SO4 in the presence of Cu, which in turn produces Cu2+ ions that are reduced at the cathode. Anodic oxidation of S02 can also occur, which increases the conversion efficiency. (See Rajeshwar, 1997).

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12. Electrochemical Treatmentof Gas Pollutants Section_Date_


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