Additional Related Projects

• Produce gypsum by a similar process to that in the present experiment, but using Na2CC>3 instead of CaCC>3, and adding CaCl2 to convert the final sodium salt to gypsum. (See Voeste, 1979).

• Add a Fe(II) or Fe(III) salt in the oxidation step of the present experiment and evaluate its possible catalytic effect. (See Karatza, 2005 and Trzepierczynska, 1991).

• Regenerate SO2 from gypsum by reacting the later with H2S. (See Foecking, 1971).

• Use MgO or Mg(OH)2 instead of the corresponding calcium compounds for the present experiment. Transform the MgS04 thus produced into gypsum by reacting it with CaCC>3. (See Ueno, 1979).






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