Analytical Environmental Chemistry Experiments in the Literature

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• Concentration Units for Environmental Sampling (Experiment 9)

• Determination of Lead in Paint Chips (Experiment 20)

• Environmental Sampling (Experiment 22)

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1. How to Keep a Legally Defensible Laboratory Notebook.

2. Statistical Analysis.

3. Field Sampling Equipment for Environmental Samples.

4. Determination of Henry's Law Constants.

5. Global Warming: Determining If a Gas Is Infrared Active.

6. Monitoring the Presence of Hydrocarbons in Air around Gasoline Stations.

7. Determination of an Ion Balance for a Water Sample.

8. Measuring the Concentration of Chlorinated Pesticides in Water Samples.

9. Determination of Chloride, Bromide, and Fluoride in Water Samples.

10. Analysis of Nickel Solutions by Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometry.

11. Determination of the Composition of Unleaded Gasoline Using Gas Chromatography.

12. Precipitation of Metals from Hazardous Waste.

13. Determination of the Nitroaromatics in Synthetic Wastewater from a Munitions Plant.

14. Determination of a Surrogate Toxic Metal in a Simulated Hazardous Waste Sample.

15. Reduction of Substituted Nitrobenzenes by Anaerobic Humic Acid Solutions.

16. Soxhlet Extraction and Analysis of a Soil or Sediment Sample Contaminated with n-Pentadecane.

17. Determination of a Clay-Water Distribution Coefficient for Copper.

18. Determination of Dissolved Oxygen in Water Using the Winkler Method.

19. Determination of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of Sewage Influent.

20. Determination of Inorganic and Organic Solids in Water Samples: Mass Balance Exercise.

21. Determination of Alkalinity of Natural Waters.

22. Determination of Hardness in a Water Sample.

23. pC-pH Diagrams: Equilibrium Diagrams for Weak Acid and Base Systems.

24. Fate and Transport of Pollutants in Rivers and Streams.

25. Fate and Transport of Pollutants in Lake Systems.

26. Fate and Transport of Pollutants in Groundwater Systems.

27. Transport of Pollutants in the Atmosphere.

28. Biochemical Oxygen Demand and the Dissolved Oxygen Sag Curve in a Stream: Streeter-Phelps Equation.

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• Iron and Alkalinity Determinations (Experiment 2)

• Atomic Absorption Cation Determination (Mg and Ca) (Experiment 3)

• Paper and Liquid Chromatography (Experiment 4)

• Ion Chromatography (Experiment 5)

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University of Wisconsin-Stout, Chemistry Department. Environmental Chemistry Lab Manual. Laboratory and Lecture Demonstrations, http:^ index.html Laboratory Experiments

• Copper and Arsenic in Treated Wood (Experiment 1)

• Effect of Heavy Metal Ions on the Growth of Microorganisms (Experiment 2)

• Analysis of Phosphate in Water (Experiment 3)

• Phosphates in Detergents (Experiment 4)

• Determination of Nitrate Ion in Water (Experiment 5)

• Ion Selective Electrodes (Experiment 6)

• Salts (Ionic Compounds) in Water (Experiment 7)

• Acidity and Alkalinity of Drinking Water (Experiment 8)

• Total Coliform Determination by Membrane Filtration (Experiment 9)

• Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, and Rate of Oxygen Absorption in Water (Experiment 10)

• Identification of Food Dyes by Paper Chromatography (Experiment 11)

• Molecular Models (Experiment 12)

• Identification of FD&C Dyes by Visible Spectrophotometry (Experiment 13)

• Detection of Fuel Components by Gas Chromatography (Experiment 14)

• Determination of Heat of Combustion of Coal Using Bomb Calorimetry (Experiment 15)

• Heat of Combustion and Efficiency of Heat Transfer (Experiment 16)

• Measurement of Sulfur Content in Coal (Experiment 17)

• Detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water (Experiment 18)

• Oxides of Sulfur, Carbon, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Magnesium, and Calcium (Experiment 19)

• Sampling of NOx (NO + N02) and Particulates (Experiment 20)

• Preparation and Properties of Ozone (Experiment 21)

• Gas-Phase Analysis of Air Components and Air Pollutants Using FTIR (Experiment 22)

• Exponential Decay of a Transition Metal Complex Ion (Experiment 23)

• Single Digestion Procedure for Determining N, P, K, Ca, and Mg (Experiment 24) Laboratory and Lecture Demonstrations

• Catalytic Oxidation of Acetone (Demonstration 1)

• Methane Density and Flammability (Demonstration 2)

• Gases that are Denser than Air: Petroleum Ether and CO2 (Demonstration 3)

• Tyndall Effect (Demonstration 4)

• Alum Treatment of Muddy Water (Demonstration 5)

• Electrostatic Precipitation of Smoke Particles (Demonstration 6)

• Surface Tension and Lowering it with a Surfactant (Demonstration 7)

• Bielstein Copper Wire Test for Halogenated Organics (Demonstration 8)

• Disappearing Polystyrene Popcorn (Demonstration 9)

• Combustion of Hydrocarbons and Alcohols (Demonstration 10)

• Explosive Behavior of Ethanol (Demonstration

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