Laboratory Report Sheetexperiment

a) Preparation of NO

Most likely, you prepared NO with A, B and C. Fill-in the blanks:

Formula of A _

Formula of B _

Formula of C _

b) Purification of NO

Was NO purified by passing the gases produced and the carrier gas through a trap previous to the scrubbing vessel? If affirmative, what was the composition of the trap?

c) Scrubbing the NO

Amount of Fe(II) added _mg

Amount of EDTA added _mg

Condensed formula of the EDTA used _

Color of the [Fe(II)EDTA] complex _

d) Regeneration of the [Fe(II)EDTA ]

Reducing agent used (formula) _

Amount of reducing agent used _mg e) Analysis

If the VIS absorption spectra of the solutions of Fe(II), [Fe(II)EDTA], and [Fe(II)(NO)(EDTA)] were taken, insert here a copy and interpret qualitatively the differences observed. If the spectrum after reduction was taken, also insert it here and compare with the others.

f) Additional Tests

Was any additional test performed for the presence of NO? If affirmative, describe your results.

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