Postlaboratory Problems And Questions

*1. Discuss the reason for the color change in one tube and not in the other.

*2. If Fe(III) were photo produced instead of Fe(II), what indicator would you use?

*3. The C2C>4~ radical is a precursor for the C02~ product from reaction 1, and can react with ambient dioxygen to yield the radical anion X (that contains only O). In acidic media, the diatomic X reaches an equilibrium with a triatomic neutral radical, Y (that contains H and O). X and Y disproportionate in acid to give dioxygen and a neutral species, Z that is capable of transforming Fe(II) back to Fe(III). Z contains H and O, possesses an 0-0 bond, and can undergo disproportionation (dismutation) to yield dioxygen plus water. What are the chemical formulas of X, Y, and Z?

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