Postlaboratory Problems And Questions

1. Write the two chemical equations responsible for the observed production of an acidic and a basic front at the anode and cathode, respectively.

2. Solution movement inside a pore composed of charged particles can be described in the x direction by a total material influx (qtc) equation:

where Cj = concentration of solute, Dj = diffusion coefficient of the charged particle, n — charge on the ion, F = Faraday's constant, R — universal gas constant, E — electrical potential, Vx = average seepage velocity. The three terms in this equation represent the following components of the flow: convection in a soil pore (also called advection), diffusion, and migration. Assign each term to the flow component that it represents.

3. Why is it possible to remove non-polar components from a polluted soil by electrokinetic remediation?

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