Postlaboratory Problems And Questions

* 1. We have produced CIO2 in a simultaneous fashion at the anode and cathode of an electrochemical cell. This process in which both electrodic reactions yield the same product is a convergent paired electrosynthesis (see Paddon, 2006). The cathodic reaction consists of the reduction of chlorate ions, whereas the anodic reaction is the oxidation of chlorite ions. The cation in the catholyte as well as in the anolyte is Na+, which remains inert during the process. Assuming that all the current passing through the electrodes is employed for the production of C102, a) Write the balanced anodic reaction (neutral medium)

b) Write the balanced cathodic reaction (acidic medium)

c) Write the global (net) reaction (acidic medium). Note that this reaction is a comproportionation.

*2. Chlorine dioxide can be produced by the dispro-portionation of chlorous acid as follows:

Balance this equation.

*3. Chlorine dioxide can be produced by the double comproportionation of two different acids (both contain CI) as follows:

(Z does not contain oxygen).

Balance this equation.

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