Prelaboratory Questions And Problems

*1. Propose at least five oxidants for NO based on Mn, CI, or Cr compounds.

*2. Explain the complex-formation ability of NO by drawing its Lewis structure. *3. a) Write the electronic structure of NO. (You may assume that it is the same as that of O2, with one electron removed). Hint: Recall that in order to get the electronic configuration of homonuclear diatomic molecules (X2) of the first short period of the Periodic Table, one assumes that the inner molecular orbitals formed by the Is orbitals from both atoms are filled (this takes four electrons). The next higher energy orbitals are formed by the 2s and 2p orbitals. In dioxygen, the resulting orbital arrangement is: (al)(a2*)(a3K'!Ti)(TT,)('r72)(Tr2)(a;)

b) Based on your response to a), is NO diamag-netic or paramagnetic?

c) Would you predict the nitrogen-oxygen bond in the NO+ ion to be stronger or weaker than that in NO?

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