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*2. Sulfur can be recovered from gypsum in the form of elemental S and H2SO4 through the following (simplified) reaction sequence (see Campbell, 1971):

Reaction a:

CaS04 is heated in the presence of a mixture of reducing gases (i.e., H2 and CO) to produce five binary compounds: U + V + W + X + AY for every two moles of CaS04. The last four binary compounds produced are oxides (basic, acidic, acidic, and amphoteric, respectively).

Reaction b:

U reacts with W and Y to produce H2S + T. Reaction c:

Heating T produces V + W. Reaction d:

H2S comproportionates with X to give elemental sulfur + Y.

Reaction e:

X is oxidized catalytically in air to produce Z, which reacts with Y to produce H2SO4.

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