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There is now a wealth of information available on the Internet (worldwide web, www). In an environmental chemistry context there are many thousands of sites that provide quality information. Information ranges from lecture notes and problems set by university and college staff, through society web pages, to pages managed by government institutions. These pages have the advantage of many excellent colour illustrations and photographs. The information can be used to consolidate on material covered in this book, or as way of starting to explore a subject in more depth. To help you find material on the Internet, at the end of each chapter we have included a list of keywords or phrases as input for search engines. We use keywords rather than specific site addresses as website addresses change rapidly and would soon become dated in a book. The keyword lists are not intended to be complete, but are based on the main themes discussed in each chapter. You will be able to adapt the keywords or think up your own. We have personally checked each of the keywords included in the lists and know they give sensible outcomes.

We do, however, ask you to take care in your Internet searches. Remember, unlike scientific books and papers, there has been no peer review of material. If you are unsure about the quality of information on a specific site do check with your course teachers. They will be able to advise you on the validity of information.

Finally, when using search engines we advise you to use a variety of search options. Advanced search options that search for exact word strings are better for finding specific factual sites, whereas wider, less-constrained searches, usually find more diverse sites. Be as specific as you can. For example, if you are interested in ion exchange in soils use the phrase 'ion exchange soil' rather than 'ion exchange'. This will help you home in to the subject of interest much more efficiently.

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