Dioxins Furans And Pcbs

In this chapter, the following introductory chemistry topics are used:

■ Elementary organic chemistry (as in the Appendix in this book)

■ First-order kinetics rate law

■ Concept of vapor pressure

Background from previous chapters used in this chapter:

■ Structure of phenols (Chapter 10)

■ Carcinogens and toxicology concepts, including LDS0 (Chapter 10)

■ Concept of adsorption (Chapter 4)


As we have seen in Chapter 10, compounds used as pesticides are somewhat toxic to humans, and can bioaccumulate and cause environmental problems. But sometimes it is the highly toxic trace impurities in commercial lots of such substances that are the principal concern regarding human health. In this chapter, we shall analyze how such hazardous by-products, especially dioxins, arise in the environment, not only from pesticide manufacture hut from other anthropogenic processes as well. Also considered are PCBs, industrial chemicals of widespread environmental concern with respect to both their own properties and those of their contaminants. As we shall see, the toxicity mechanisms by which these contaminants, the PCBs themselves, and dioxins operate all are quite similar.

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