Review Questions

1, Discuss the relationship between atmospheric particulates and haze.

7. Describe the major health effects of outdoor air pollutants.

2. What is acid rain? What two acids predominate in it?

8. List four important reasons why coarse particles usually are of less danger to human health than are fine particles.

3. Explain why the predominant acid in acid rain differs in eastern and western North America.

9, What are the main sources of formaldehyde in indoor air? What are its effects?

4. Using chemical equations, explain how acid Tci in is neutralized by limestone that is present in soil.

10. What are the main sources of nitrogen dioxide and of carbon monoxide in indoor air? Of benzene?

5. Describe the effects of acid precipitation upon (a) dissolved levels of aluminum, (b) fish populations, and (c) trees.

11. What are the three forms of asbestos called? Why is asbestos of environmental concern?

6. What is the difference in meaning between absorbed and adsorbed when they refer to particulates?

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