Review Questions

1. What is the name of the hydrocarbon CH3(CH2)4CH,? Is it an alkane? Draw its structural formula.

2. Draw the structural formula for 3-ethylheptane.

3. What would be the name for the substituent group CH3CH2CH2CH2 — ?

4. Draw structural and condensed formulas for (a) trichloroethene and (b) 1,1 -difluoroethene.

5. What is the main use for the compound CC12—CCl2? What two names are used for this compound?

6. Draw structural formulas for each of the following: methyl alcohol, methylamine, formaldehyde, and formic acid.

7. Draw the structural formulas and symbolic representations for cyclopentane and for cyclopentene.

8. Explain what the term hydrogen bonding means. Explain why a short-chain alcohol such as methanol is soluble in water whereas a long-chain one such as octanol is not.

9. Is the six-membered ring system in benzene particularly stable or unstable?

10. Do molecules such as H2 readily add to benzene? Do free radicals such as atomic hydrogen readily add to benzene?

11. What is another name for perchlorobenzene ? Do you expect it to be more soluble in aqueous or in hydrocarbon media?

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