Rings of Carbon Atoms

Networks of carbon atoms exist as rings in many organic molecules. The most common rings are those that contain five, six, or seven carbon atoms. Molecules containing rings are named by placing the prefix cycb in front of the usual name for the carbon chain of that length. Thus, a ring of six carbons, all joined by single C-C bonds, is called cyclohexane. The molecule shown at the right below is called methylcyclopentane.


Write out both simple and symbolic bond diagrams for the following molecules: (a) cyclopropane, (b) chlorocyclobutane, (c) any isomer of d imethy Icyclohexane.

Coping with Asthma

Coping with Asthma

If you suffer with asthma, you will no doubt be familiar with the uncomfortable sensations as your bronchial tubes begin to narrow and your muscles around them start to tighten. A sticky mucus known as phlegm begins to produce and increase within your bronchial tubes and you begin to wheeze, cough and struggle to breathe.

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