Stages in the Decomposition of Garbage in a Landfill

There are three stages of decomposition in a municipal landfill. Operating landfills still receiving garbage undergo all three stages simultaneously in different regions or depths. In practice, only food and yard waste biodegrade. Rubber, plastics, and much of the paper content of garbage are very slow to degrade.

• In the first, short, aerobic stage, oxygen is available to the waste; it oxidizes organic materials to C02 and water with the release of heat. The internal temperature can rise to 70-80°C, since the reactions are exothermic. The carbon dioxide released from the organic matter as it decomposes makes the leachate acidic, thereby further facilitating its ability to leach metals encountered in the waste. Since the majority of biodegradable material is cellulose, whose empirical formula is approximately CH20, we can approximate this phase of the reaction as

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Coping with Asthma

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