FIGURE 5.2 Emergency responsibility matrix.

FIGURE 5.2 Emergency responsibility matrix.

level classification system; notifies the appropriate personnel, departments and agencies; and directs the response activities.

Other plant personnel are also assigned the task of covering the other key functions in the initial emergency response organization until the predestinated personnel arrive to relieve them. Initially, the production or operations manager, who could also act as the field operations coordinator, takes the post of response operations coordinator. Alternatively, the production supervisor of the unit where the emergency occurs could take the latter position. These two coordinators are in charge of organizing response activities and directing response operations at the actual emergency scene.

Full Emergency Response Organization

The deployment of the full emergency organization is required only in the case of severe emergencies. An example of a full emergency organization chart is given in Figure 5.3. Multiple personnel are assigned to all emergency functions in the event that the principal person is unavailable to cover that position. The personnel assigned to each of the different functions shown in Figure 5.3 play key roles in implementing the decisions made by the emergency director. They decide what appropriate response actions to take, such as shutting down the plant, fighting fires, evacuating plant personnel, recommending that the public be evacuated from certain areas, carrying out emergency repair work, arranging for supplies or equipment, and coordinating actions with local off-site agencies.

Emergency Director (Site Emergency Coordinator)

The emergency director responsibility includes those actions necessary to bring the emergency under control and the overall supervision of the protective actions recommended for the public, employees, and the environment. It is recommended to the degree possible that the same hierarchical structure used during normal operation should be maintained during an emergency. Thus, the plant manager should be assigned the emergency director position, if possible.

Response Operations Coordinator

The response operations coordinator operates in the EOC and is responsible for coordinating the activities. The response operations coordinator performs the following functions:14

• Assists the emergency director in organizing and directing emergency activities

• Formulates strategies on actions to be taken to mitigate consequences of the event

• Maintains direct communication with the on-scene incident commander

• Establishes a journal/log for recording activities

• Evaluate operational information and determines priorities

• Requests additional personnel and equipment resources w

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