That portion of science dealing with laws or generalizations related to chemical phenomena is called physical chemistry. A sound knowledge of the physics is fully as important in the study of physical chemistry as a good grounding in chemistry. Some physical chemistry has always been taught in general, qualitative, and quantitative chemistry without being described as such. The trend has been to include more and more physical chemistry in such courses, and even in high-school chemistry, as those in the teaching profession have realized the need and gained stimulation for teaching "why" as well as "what" chemical reactions occur.

The subject of valency and bonding, oxidation-reduction reactions, the gas laws, Raoult's law, equilibrium relationships, the theory of ionization, the solubility-product principle, and other discussions pertaining to heterogeneous and homogeneous equilibria are all examples of topics in physical chemistry that have been developed previously. Some of them require further amplification, and a great many additional concepts need to be developed.

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