31.1 What are sources of oil and grease in receiving waters, and what adverse environmental effects can result?

31.2 List four important sources that contribute oil and grease to municipal wastewaters.

31.3 What are the organic components of grease and oil?

31.4 Name five operating difficulties that are caused or intensified by grease at waste treatment plants.

3'1.5 What analytical procedures are available for analysis of oil and grease in municipal and industrial wastewaters?

31.6 What analytical procedure is used for analysis of sludges?

31.7 What solvent is used for extraction of grease for analysis, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

31.8 Why are samples of wastewater and sludge acidified prior to the separation of grease?

31.9 Define the following: (a) fats; (i) waxes; (c) soaps; (d) animal and vegetable oils; (<0 mineral oils.

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