Large neutral amino acid transporters, 226, 232

Lead exposure

Arctic food chain, 500 behavioral adaptation effects, 213 blood levels, 33 cost-benefit analysis, 33 exposure biomarkers of, 500 neural cell adhesion molecule effects, 212-213

neurodevelopmental effects of, 212-213,

217 postnatal animal studies of, 213-221 neural cell adhesion molecule polysialylation effects, 214-217 neurobehavior effects of, 213-214 Ligation-mediated polymerase chain reaction, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons-DNA adducts detected using, 147-148 Lipopolysaccharide augmentation models of, 438 description of, 431-432 galactosamine and, 437 hepatocellular necrosis induced by, 437 hepatotoxicants enhanced after exposure to, 435 inflammatory role of, 433 receptor binding of, 437 toxic responses enhanced by, 435-436 toxicant exposure nd, 434-435 Liver cancer of, See Hepatocellular carcinoma injury to endotoxin's role in, 438 inflammation-induced, 437 Locus, 40 Lung cancer biomarkers of, 114-115 chromium exposure and, 270 description of, 109-110 DNA adducts and, 112-113 DNA repair capacity and, 119 metabolic polymorphisms and, 118 p53 mutations in, 148-150 predisposition for, 110-111 risk factors ethnicity, 117 exposure, 116 gender, 117-118 metabolic polymorphisms, 118 mutagen sensitivity, 119-120 smoking status, 116-117 smoking and, 110, 148, See also Cigarette smoke Luteinizing hormone, 401

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