Raloxifene, 132-133 Reactive gliosis, 414 Reactive oxygen species cancer risks and, 400 in cigarette smoke, 111 description of, 366, 400 environmental stressors and, 367 formation of, 400 intermediates, 367 mitochondrial production of, 379 Parkinson's disease and, 372 production of, 369

signal transduction mediated by, 377-379 superoxide, 369 Real-time polymerase chain reaction aberrant gene methylation measured using, 327 cDNA microarrays and, 331 chromosomal translocations detected using, 325-327 mechanism of action, 325 with molecular beacons, 327-328 multiplex, 327-328 sensitivity of, 324 Research assessment of, 9-12 database development, 13 environmental genomics, 60 genomics, 11 global climate, 32 goals for, 4-5

human study limitations, 34 impediments for, 33-35 peer review of, 13-14 Precautionary Principle and, 34 in 21st century, 33-34 validation process, 12-13 Resistive sensing, 541-546 Risk assessments biomarkers for, 19, 31, 360-361 dioxin, 361

problems associated with, 31 Risk management, 29 Rolling circle amplification applications of, 329-330 definition of, 324

fluorescence in situ hybridization and, 324

in situ allelic discrimination using, 330

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