Adsorption Processes In Gas Mask Filter Canisters Practical Aspects New Materials And Modeling


TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Lange Kleiweg 137, 2288 GJ Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Abstract. Three topics are addressed related to adsorption processes in gas mask filter canisters. In the first section "practical aspects" two items are addressed: (a) the influence of the flow pattern, i.e. a breathing or pulsating flow versus continuous flow, on the breakthrough behavior; and (b) the risk of desorption: the possibility that adsorbed contaminants are released from the filter. The second section "new materials" deals with the use of carbon monoliths. The third section "modeling" discusses a gas mask model that has been implemented in a software tool that simulates chemical and biological incidents.

Keywords: Adsorption, gas mask, carbon monoliths, modeling, incidents.

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