Coadsorption Of Cesium Chloride Molecules And Thulium Atoms On 2Dgf On Re


Department of Physics, Baku State University, Z. Khalilov St., 23, AZ-1148 Baku, Azerbaijan

Abstract. Adsorption co-adsorption of Tm atoms and CsCl molecules on two-dimensional graphite film (2DGF) on Re(1010) is investigated using the method of continuous flow. For these purposes, adsorption of CsCl molecules on the surface of 2DGF on Re(1010) is studied separately. It is found that molecules of CsCl on 2DGF are physically adsorbed. At 300 K < T < 750 K the adsorption of molecules leads to creation of salt islands. At 750 K < T < 1,500 K the salt islands do not appear. The exchange reaction, Tm + 3CsCl ^ TmCl3 + 3Cs, takes place when Tm atoms and CsCl molecules co-adsorb on the surface of 2DGF.

Keywords: co-adsorption; graphite; thulium; cesium chloride molecules

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