Hydrogen Adsorption On Carbon Materials At High Pressures And Different Temperatures


Departamento de Química Inorgánica. Universidad de Alicante. Ap. 99, E-03080, Alicante, Spain

Abstract. In this work, we present experimental results corresponding to H2 adsorption at high pressures and different temperatures (77 and 298 K) for a wide variety of carbons materials in order to analyze the effect of the porosity on the H2 adsorption capacities in gravimetric basis. Likewise, we point out the importance of the packing density of the materials in order to obtain high H2 adsorption capacities in volumetric basis and high total storage capacities. At 298 K, the H2 adsorption capacity depends on both the total micropore volume and the micropore size distribution. At 77 K, H2 adsorption depends only on the total micropore volume of the carbon material. Packing density of the carbon materials decreases with increasing the porosity development. Therefore, a good balance between porosity and packing density is needed. The total H2 storage on the best activated carbon at 298 K and 20 MPa is 16.7 g H2/L and 38.8 g H2/L at 77 K and 4 MPa.

Keywords: active carbon; hydrogen adsorption; hydrogen storage; packing density

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