Eries Editors Preface

Food safety has become a key issue in our society, especially now that much of the food we consume comes from other parts of the world. The public in general is increasingly concerned about the quality of the products they consume every day and to meet that need, more information is being made available in the media. Various cases have become headline news, such as the dioxin problem in Belgium, antibiotics in shrimps imported from Asia to Europe, and the high levels of persistent organic pollutants detected in European salmon as compared to the American salmon.

These cases have alerted the authorities and the public in general that more efforts are needed on food control.

In this respect this volume edited by my old friend and colleague, Yolanda Pico, is timely and I am delighted I was able to convince her to collate such a book for the Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry series. This is only the second book on the topic of food residues in the series. The first, collated by another old friend and colleague, AR Fernandez Alba, was entitled Pesticide Residues published as Vol. 43 in the series. I am sure that food safety will be the subject of further volumes in the future.

This book contains 19 chapters; the first three are devoted to general aspects of food analysis. Chapters 4 to 8 cover sample preparation techniques, chromatographic-mass spectrometric methods, capillary electrophoresis and immunochemical methods. Chapters 9 to 19 report on analytical applications of a broad range of contaminants, including pesticides, antibiotics, growth promoters, mycotoxins, phycotoxins, persistent organic pollutants brominated flame retardants and heterocyclic amines. The content is comprehensive and covers most of the problems encountered in food residue analysis, so will act as a useful reference for those who are new to the field and/or expert food laboratories.

The book discusses most aspects of food contaminant and residue analysis and I expect it will become a key reference for food residue specialists.

Finally I would like to thank not only the editor for compiling such a world-class book but also all the authors for their contributions.

D. Barcelo

Department of Environmental Chemistry, IIQAB-CSIC

Barcelona, Spain

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