Headspace sorptive extraction HSSE

A new approach for sorptive enrichment of analytes from the headspace of aqueous or solid samples, referred to as headspace sorptive extraction has recently been developed [20,21]. The technique implies the sorption of volatile compounds into a large amount of PDMS (ca. 50 mg) placed on a glass rod support. The PDMS-coated glass bar is then thermally desorbed on-line with capillary GC-MS. Using a large amount of sorptive phase, highly volatile as well as SVOCs can be efficiently enriched and compared to SPME a significant increase in sensitivity is achieved.

Bicchi et al. [22] compared the performance of HSSE, through the determination of the recoveries and relative abundances of 16 components in coffee headspace, with SHS and HS-SPME applying the fibres PDMS 100 mm, Carbowax/divinylbenzene 65 mm (CW/DVB), Carboxen/PDMS 75 mm (CAR/ PDMS), polyacrylate 85 mm, PDMS/divinylbenzene 65 mm (PDMS/DVB) and Carboxen/divinylbenzene/PDMS 30 mm (CAR/PDMS/DVB). In all cases, HSSE gave higher recoveries, which is entirely due to the high amount of extracting phase applied.

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